We are really excited to be part of this fantastic Feast In The East lineup!!! Feast on the details below…

FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food & installation series.

This month food & art unit Spiritual Obesity present The Black Plate.

Toronto freak electronic pop super group concocted from members of Hooded Fang & a rotating cast of Toronto luminaries. Electronic beats and a mash up of sound effects provide a back drop for mutated vocals dripping with reverb and mixed into the atmosphere. Synth tones & drum machines dance with dog barks & bird chirps. Synth tones like SNES games pulse under smooth pop vocals and borrowed hip hop styles. Phedre navigates through the world of avant dance pop bouncing with nostalgia and lo-fi rock attitudes turned electronic. Drum machines like hand claps. Oscillators like UFOS. Good one buds!


Toronto kraut quartet adventures in the round. Undying synth lines and guitar fuzz merge into one vibrating beast driven by a drum beat locked into the warbling distortion. More space music for the 22nd century. Constantly moving forward building the humming, buzzing, clattering structure that is Fresh Snow. Rough guitar notes cut through pulsating fuzz to converse with formless electronics. Hard psych noodling becomes a back drop for groove repetition. Hints of jangle pop dig themselves out of a squealing wall of sound. Don’t miss this space kraut unit about to alter life as know it.

Baltimore kraut space jammers return to our fair city for those who missed them the first time, don’t sleep on this! Slowed down time & space, their music flourishes like plant growth over a season. Sax, guitars & drums intermingle on seemingly aimless paths, dancing around each other, slowly building a greater structure. Basslines bulbous, balloon over the bottom end, as the drums keeps things on track for these languid lifers. Rhythmic repetitions increase their energy, dance grooves grow out of abstract technical guitar noodling & fatter than thou bass funk. Sax & guitar interplay recalls classic kraut scapes over feverous drum patterns. Whoa!

NYC bass player Jason Ajemian’s ensemble plays slow moving orchestral avant-folk teleport tone poem compositions. Their rhythms based on the musician’s breathing patterns as they play their instruments. Beautiful draw out pieces, vocal experimentation growing out of symphonic drones. His ensemble is sure to be full of local luminaries. For fans of Star Like Fleas, early Devandra Banhart, acoustic drone, and the ever changing slow moving sky.

Environs by Spiritual Obesity.

$7 Adv at Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records.
$10 at the door

FREE dinner with adv. ticket!

All Ages

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE (if you are so inclined)

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