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Best TikTok Live Ideas That You Need To Know

How would TikTok Live influencers and celebs come up with their ideas? Starting a TikTok live broadcast is one technique to grab your viewer’s attention and gain additional followers on the app. choosing to buy tiktok fans is another best technique you could follow blindly.

Now regarded as one of the top social networks, TikTok has more than 700+ million active users globally. As a result, various corporations, celebrities, influencers, and nascent creatives compete for a specific niche on this emerging social media network.

To discover more about the unique aspects of appearing online on TikTok and gain some great tips on making an engaging video broadcast for any TikTok profile, read this article. Time to begin!


On an intelligent comparison with other social networking sites, TikTok maintains a few restrictions on who can use the live streaming feature.

To begin with, before starting a live broadcast, your profile must have at least 1,000 fans. If not, the TikTok live alternative will be visible. But when you get to this quantity, don’t get upset if the functionality doesn’t show immediately.

Getting this option could take many days. Second, there is a minimum age requirement to begin a live recording on TikTok. You will have access to this feature once you turn 16 years old. You could only focus on the caliber of your content in the interim.

Furthermore, if you’re above 18, you may receive virtual presents from your fans that can be converted into actual money.

Let’s now go on to how you can organize and enhance the TikTok live session, presuming you fulfill all the conditions for doing so.

A Short Guide To Creating Live On TikTok

Your admission to the live event on TikTok will be granted once you have met the prerequisites. This procedure is easy to follow and has certain aspects of Instagram live broadcasting. So, the detailed instructions for streaming video on any iOS or Android smartphone are provided below.

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application on your smartphone.
Step 2: Select the “add” option in the center of the tab menu.
Step 3: Underneath the record button, select “live.”
Step 4: Produce a streaming title. It might be preferable to choose a concise, straightforward, and attention-grabbing headline that gives your readers some background information about the content.
Step 5: Always ensure to customize your TikTok live. For example, you can add effects, filters, and other effects to keep it close.
Step 6: The final step is to tap on the ‘Go Live’ option. Isn’t it so easy? Of course, it has to be.
Step 7: To finish Live, tap on the ‘X’ button on the top.

Top Tips to be Creative in Making TikTok Lives

It is simple to access the Live option but to shine out of competitors, and the procedure is optional. All you need is good or quality information. You will only get to handle the new audiences and satisfy the old viewers. So the first step will be to know the trends that people are participating in. Secondly, work accordingly to buy tiktok views for your Live to keep up online. The following are a few tips that will help you come up with good live content.

1. Take on a Challenge via Social Media

Why avoid going online when it has become obvious to create and participate in social media challenges? It can be a terrific concept for audience enjoyment, similar to how the Ice Bucket Challenge spread internationally in 2014. You can try out many TikTok challenges, so pick the one you enjoy and go!

2. Start a Q&A Session

Your character gets more intriguing to your fans as your audience grows. Because of this, organizing a video conference with the public to discuss some of the topics presented might significantly increase the number of fans. In addition, by answering the fans’ queries directly, you’ll connect with them in real time. Again, this builds a better relationship just like Trollishly does every time.

3. Start New Collabs and Interviews

Interviews and collaborations are the following best things that will keep you going. You can smartly organize interviews and collaborations through Live. This isn’t just a good option but also a wise decision to keep up with the promotions.


TikTok is a great choice considering all the above points. So if you are good enough to try it, don’t make it late; give it a try right away!