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6 Fun Instagram Story Games To Uplift Your Engagement

Have you ever wondered how long we’ve come? From chit-chatting stories to creating Instagram stories. After all, it’s the social media age we dwell in. It would be best if you were updated and kept yourself checked on the latest trends and fashion. Especially slang. But that’s not all. We usually find more people on social media than in reality, don’t we? Fishy!

Well, right now, all that matters is businesses these days. They use all the available social media users for their brand and induce them to convert. Just like the number of users, the number of brands is increasing daily. No worries, though; the market might be challenging, but while you buy Instagram video views, on your side will bring a better online presence! But right now, the sole focus is to create the best stories that will guarantee you enhanced engagement.

Into The Fun Story Game ideas

1. Odds And Ends

While focusing on the audience and engagement, don’t fuss and opt for complex ways for idiosyncrasy and end up being peculiar. Still, the simple this or that techniques will work if recruited precisely. And to do it so,

  • Sort out a topic.
  • Make sure it’s relevant to your niche.
  • And engaging enough for the audience.
  • Stimulate your audience to answer as well as reshare it.
  • It would be a bonus if you attached a CTA prompting them to tag others.

2. Polls

Poll games in the Instagram story are about letting your audience know about you and vice-versa. Therefore, it’s high time that mutual information is present with the alternates about each other. For the most part, polls are used to know the audience’s opinions about certain things. Therefore, the job is to make it sound exciting and allure the audience to cast their votes.

3. Rejoice Bingo With Choices

Go out of the box to create this box of bingo. Long gone are the days when we used to play bingo by numbers with our friends and cousins. Now it’s evolved into something much more. With everything being developed and digitized, we can see that it happened for bingo too. Here, the bingos in the stories are generally various options, specifically opted out to opt on the audience’s part. Integrate choices that are relatable for them and that are spellbinding too.

4. Let Us Know

Tricky names don’t usually signify crafty ideas, but they are simple, like DIY solutions. And the ‘Let us know goes with the assertion. The best example of this idea of a story is asking for your audience’s favorite. Then, transfigure the story into a prompt session. Make it more about them. This goal will instigate engagement.

5. Q&A and GIFs For Answers

One of the classic approaches that still works while implemented is the same old traditional Question and Answer kind. Use either ‘ask a question or place a question and provide choices. One of the best examples of this is,

1) While using ‘Ask a question – You can feature the more interesting questions and answer them publicly.
2) When asking with options – Make it a truth or lie type of game and place emojis or instigate anything else about you.

6. Hosting Hashtag Challenges

The Instagram platform’s hashtag challenges are a commonly used feature that many firms have exploited to advertise their bargains and offers. Brands give users access to a sponsored hashtag that links to a page with the challenge’s rules and guidelines.

The challenge requires users to abide by the guidelines, publish a video with the hashtag, and submit their contributions. This is an excellent approach for companies to interact with audiences and encourage brand engagement while also providing them with something of value. Free product delivery, a free sample or package, etc., might all be examples of this. In addition, through metrics like clicks, banner views, and user-generated content, this sponsored tool enables brands to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

End Note

With the hope that this blog was beneficial for engagement. Let’s wrap it up. Now all that’s left is for you to create stories and engage with your audience. Take a look at Inzfy to gain additional engagement online.